Hello and welcome to The White Sage Way.

Over a period of many years, I'd amassed a considerable collection of crystals.  I  noticed more and more, that people were curious about them and what the Crystal Lore Meaning was for each.  I would often explain and give them as gifts.  I noticed how people loved being given these relatively inexpensive yet special and beautiful stones.  

In due course, The White Sage Way was born.

The information I give on crystal lore meanings is not my own opinion or work, but rather, a brief summary of all that I have read about each particular stone, in the many books written by crystal experts.  More detailed information is available both on the internet and in such books, if you are interested to know more.  I do not recommend the use of crystals for medical purposes, so you will not see that information included. 

I also sell a selection of man made stones such as Opalite, Sandstone and Strawberry Quartz.  I think these are beautiful in their own right and you will always see a note in the description that these are man made rather than natural stones.

I hope you enjoy browsing!

Best wishes

Linda 😊💛