Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crystal Lore Meaning?

The Crystal Lore Meaning given for crystals in my shop relates to a body of work by a group of crystal enthusiasts known as Crystal Intuitives.  These are people that claim to be able to connect with crystals and 'read' their energetic vibration. This information is given for the benefit of those that are interested, but should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or attention.  If you have any kind of health problem, you should consult the appropriate medical practitioner.



I give approximate measurements for all items in my descriptions.  Measurements are approximate because I often have more than one of each piece and each piece will be slightly different. Please allow variation of 1-3mm.


Care Instructions

There are very many different crystals and their care varies.  Whilst some can be washed in water, for others it is not advised.  Whilst some can be left in sunlight, others may fade in this situation.  There is a lot of useful advice and information relating to crystal care on the internet - too much to list here.  But if you are unsure of the best care for your particular crystal, do drop me a line for advice.


Manmade Stones

Many manmade stones such as Opalite and Smelting Stone are very lovely in their own right and I see no reason not to offer them to those that like them.  However, it will always say in the description that the stone is manmade.

Copycat Stones

There is a growing market in the production of 'copycat stones' - stones which are passed off as natural but are in fact manmade.

It can be challenging occasionally to spot the frauds, but I am experienced in doing so.  I work hard to make sure I am aware of current trends in this area and take all the precautions that I can to ensure that all stones I offer are genuine.  I will always refund without question any purchase where there is any doubt about authenticity.


Colour Enhanced Stones

Some stones are colour-enhanced by dying them. Sometimes this is obvious, but sometimes it is very difficult to tell.  It is not necessarily a problem - many people for example, like their Lapis Lazuli to be vivid blue and dying achieves this.  The stone is usually genuine Lapis Lazuli, just colour enhanced to make it more vivid.

I will always say in the description if I think there is a possibility that the stone has been enhanced.  If this has been done by dying, there can be a danger of the dye staining something it is in contact with, if it gets damp or wet.  As most pieces are unlikely to come into contact with water, this shouldn't be a problem, but please be aware that it is possible.


Heat Treated Stones

It is possible to change or improve the colour and clarity of some stones by heat treating them.  For example, much of the Yellow Citrine available now is actually heat treated Amethyst.  At the right temperature, Amethyst will change from purple to yellow.  This is not necessarily a problem for many people, so long as they know what they are buying.  If I suspect at all that a stone is heat treated, I will say so in the listing (though it's not always obvious).  I will always refund in full if you are not completely satisfied.


Are Crystals Child-Friendly?

Crystals are not toys.  Always keep crystals out of reach of children, particularly small objects, which represent choking hazards.  The colourful beads of a bracelet could look very much like sweets to a young child.  Also, some crystals break easier than others, according to their hardness and if broken, can have sharp edges.  Crystals can be very beautiful and as such, enticing to young children.  Please keep them stored safely aware from children.


Medical Disclaimer

Any information given by me about the Crystal Lore Meanings of crystals draws on a body of work by crystal enthusiasts, known as Crystal Intuitives - however, I do not claim to be a Crystal Intuitive myself. This information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you have a health issue, you should consult the appropriate medical professional.



As crystals are delicate, it is necessary for them to be well packaged.  In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible, I re-use packaging where I can - particularly bubble wrap.  When I'm not re-using, I use recyclable eco-friendly bubble wrap and biodegradable polystyrene peanuts.  The cellophane envelopes that orders are often protected in are now available as biodegradable - I am just using the last of my non-biodegradable stock ahead of switching to the new biodegradable ones that I now also have in stock.  I try to find a balance between protecting the crystals and minimising packaging and will continue to look for new ways to do this.


Dispatch Times

I aim to dispatch orders within 1 working day - which means by the end of the working day after the day that the order was placed.  I always do my best to meet these dispatch estimates, but cannot guarantee them. 


Estimated Delivery Times

At different times of year and in different circumstances, estimated delivery times can vary considerably.  Sometimes, something as simple as staff shortages in a customs department, can have a big impact and certainly holidays like Christmas do.   For this reason, I specify quite a wide ranging delivery estimate.  Please note also that the estimate is in business days.  
Europe: 5-10 business days
North America: 7-21 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 15-30 business days
Canada: 15-30 business days
I do my best to meet these dispatch estimates, but cannot guarantee them.  


Import taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.  


I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.