Dragons Blood Cat.
Dragons Blood Cat.
Dragons Blood Cat.
Dragons Blood Cat.
The White Sage Way

Dragons Blood Cat.

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Dragons Blood Cat Totem.

Cat Totem Meaning:  Cat Totem is one of sensuality, magic and mystery. I t's about balancing freedom, with time for solitude and time for socialising.  It's about adventure, courage, curiosity, exploration and timing...  

Dragons Blood Jasper Crystal Lore Meaning:  Dragons Blood Jasper is a grounding stone of intense emotional healing, courage, strength, vitality and joy - enhancing life force energy.  Because of this, it is a good stone for goal achievement.  Legend has it that these stones are all that remain of ancient dragons - the green being the skin and the red the blood.

Chakra:  Activates all Chakras.

Aura:  Energises the auric field.

These cats are approximately 5 cms tall, 3 cms wide and 1.5 cms deep.

Please note, I have more than one of these pieces, so will choose one at random for you.  Feel free to message for photos if you would like to choose yourself.

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