Green Flourite Owl.
Green Flourite Owl.
Green Flourite Owl.
Green Flourite Owl.
Green Flourite Owl.
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Green Flourite Owl.

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Green Flourite Owl Totem.

This is a really nicely carved Owl - you see its little beak is the side view 😊

Owl Totem Meaning:  Owl symbolises femininity and fertility - a creature of the night, the moon, magic and mystery - offering wisdom, intuitive knowledge and keen vision...

Flourite Crystal Lore Meaning:  Flourite cleanses and stabilises the aura. It absorbs negative energy, helping us to re-balance our emotions.  It brings mental clarity, self-confidence and positivity.  It is a stone of protection and improves intuition, so is an excellent stone for meditation, visualisation, mantras and affirmations. 

Chakra: Heart (Green),Third Eye (Purple) and Base (Brown).

Aura: Clear (energises the aura) and Green (cleanses aura).

This owl is approximately 5 cms tall, 3 cms wide and 2.5 cms deep.

The Owl in the photos is the actual Owl you will receive.

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