Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).
Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).
Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).
Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).
Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).
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Green Aventurine Rabbit (with dewlap).

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Green Aventurine Rabbit Totem (with dewlap).

I love these rabbit totems showing them with dewlaps (the baggy skin around the neck).  Mother Nature is amazing - this is what I read about dewlaps: the dewlap appears in female rabbits who are ready to give birth; it facilitates building a nest. The loose flap serves as an easy-access place to pull fur from, to line the nest and keep the babies warm...

Rabbit Totem Meaning:  Rabbit is a totem of prosperity, abundance and fertility - with its ability to reproduce prolifically.  Rabbit encourages us to overcome any natural shyness, modesty and fearful thoughts that we may have and trust in our own abilities.  Rabbit encourages us to be courageous and ready to move at speed when an opportunity presents itself.  Everything is there for you...

Green Aventurine Crystal Lore Meaning:  Green Aventurine is a stone of abundance and prosperity, but also creativity, decisiveness and perseverance, compassion and empathy.  It is known as the Stone of Opportunity but is also a heart healer - offering well being and emotional calm.

Chakra:  Heart.

These Rabbits are approximately 5 cms from nose to tail and 2 cms wide.

Please note, I have more than one of these pieces so will choose one at random for you.  Feel free to message me for photos if you would like to choose yourself.

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