Hematite Bear Cub.
Hematite Bear Cub.
Hematite Bear Cub.
Hematite Bear Cub.
Hematite Bear Cub.
The White Sage Way

Hematite Bear Cub.

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Hematite Bear Cub Totem.

Bear Totem Meaning:  Bear Totem reminds us to enjoy the sweetness that life has to offer, feel free to wander your own way and embrace solitude at times when you need to go within and take care of your own needs.  It's also a powerful totem for courage in the face of adversity, grounding us and offering strength, support and protection.

Hematite Crystal Lore Meaning:  Hematite is a grounding and protecting crystal - protecting the soul and grounding it back into the body, during out-of-body journeying.  It harmonises mind, body and spirit and protects the aura against negative energy.  Hematite boosts self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance - it’s a stone of survival and strength.

Chakra:  Base.

Aura: Protects against negative energy.

This bear is approximately 2 cms tall, 4 cms from nose to back leg and 2 cms wide.

Please note, I have more than one of these so will choose one at random for you.  Feel free to message me for photos if you would like to choose yourself.

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