Small Opalite Pendulum in Luxury Gift Bag.
Small Opalite Pendulum in Luxury Gift Bag.
Small Opalite Pendulum in Luxury Gift Bag.
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Small Opalite Pendulum in Luxury Gift Bag.

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Opalite Pendulum with Luxury Gift Bag.

A Pendulum is a tool of divination, usually used to answer simple yes or no questions. Any small weight on a chain will work, but many people prefer to use something a little special for their practice. Divination has a long history and has been practiced, with reverence, for many centuries. If you are new to the divination, there is lots of advice on the internet as to how best to practice.

Opalite is a very pretty manmade glass.  It is a milky white and translucent in appearance with golden hues when viewed in light, but often blue-ish against a darker background.  Despite the fact that it is not a crystal, it is prized amongst crystal lovers for its lovely appearance.

Chain length is approximately 20 cms and crystal approximately 2.5 cms long and 1.3 cms wide.

Each pendulum will vary in colour, translucency, size and shape.

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