Rose Quartz Zuni Bear.
Rose Quartz Zuni Bear.
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Rose Quartz Zuni Bear.

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Rose Quartz Zuni Bear Carving.

Zuni Bear Meaning: The Native American Zuni people famously carve animals, which they call Fetishes, and which are believed to offer protection, healing and blessings to the recipient. If carved by someone who is not Zuni, they tend to be described as Zuni Bears rather than Zuni Fetishes - to distinguish them from the originals, which are blessed by the tribe's medicine man.

Rose Quartz Crystal Lore Meaning: Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and the ultimate heart healer. The stone of all love - romantic, platonic, love of family, self-love - universal love. Rose Quartz helps release emotional pain, encourages self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-trust and self-worth. Holding Rose Quartz in your hand enhances positive affirmations.

Chakra: Heart.

This Zuni Bear is approximately 7.5 cms long, 5 cms tall and 1 cm wide.

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