Small Lapis Lazuli Heart.
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Small Lapis Lazuli Heart.

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Small Lapis Lazuli Puffy Heart (1.5 cms).

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Lore Meaning:  Lapis Lazuli is a big hitter in crystal terms.  It assists with psychic abilities and out-of-body journeying and guards against psychic attack - returning the energy to its source.  It encourages you to speak your truth and harmonises the physical, emotional and spiritual.  It supports self-awareness and encourages self-expression, but also the ability to listen.  It is celestial blue with gold speckles (Pyrite) and is my go-to for Thank You gifts - with its energy of love,  friendship, communication, truth and harmony.  It's also a wonderful stone for meditating.

Chakra: Third Eye and Throat.

The hearts are approximately 1.5 cms.

As this is a natural product, each heart will vary in colour and pattern.

Lapis Lazuli is now commonly colour enhanced and so care should be taken if it gets wet dye can be transferred. I have tested these stones by soaking tissue and standing them on it until it dried out - there were no blue stains. But I advise caution with Lapis Lazuli...

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