Turquoise Howlite Wrap Bracelet With Silver Coloured Lotus Charm.
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Turquoise Howlite Wrap Bracelet With Silver Coloured Lotus Charm.

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These Turquoise Howlite bracelets have a boho loveliness about them, but they are also a wonderful prayer/meditation aid as they have the traditional 108 beads of a Mala.  

They are made using 6mm beads, usually wrap around the wrist 4 times (see size details below), have a lovely Lotus Flower charm and come in a luxury hand made gift bag.  The beads are Howlite that has been dyed Turquoise.  

Howlite Crystal Lore Meaning:  Howlite is a calming stone - a great stone to keep on the bedside table.  It  is a stone of patience and encourages the letting go of anger.  It opens the mind to receive wisdom and insight and assists with out-of-body journeying.   Howlite also helps clarify ambitions and assists in achieving them.

Chakra:  Third Eye.

Crystal Bead Bracelets are a fun way to harness the energy of crystals whatever you're doing and wherever you go.  These bracelets are approximately 76 cms long (on a wrist of approximately 16-18 cms, they loop around 4 times and hang a little loosely).

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